December 6, 2023

Archives for June 2002

Halftime Show

I used to be your rooster, now I’m just your Cock. You make a dead man come. There, I said it. What was so terrible about that? Thank GOD the NFL had a 5 second delay so that nobody had to be subjected to Mick Jagger saying cock and come in 2 songs that recieve […]

Mice Parade

I awoke one morning to find a mice parade strolling by my bed. They were a pursuant to a vibe, a vibe I heard through the walls of a crashing tumbler. I rose myself from my bed, taking care to not trample the stream of rodents, and lowered my great self to their level. There […]

Welcome Back

Alrighty, let’s try this again. dotCULT’s front page seems to be up and running again, only this time anybody can submit an article! If you’re logged in, just click the submit an article link, and your article will be added to the queue to be reviewed. As long as it’s deemed appropriate (ie not porn, […]