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Archives for January 2005

Some Observations about Search..

I want to talk briefly about Google, MSN, and Yahoo, and what they’re currently doing wrong. First up, search for “NBA Draft”. You’ll notice the #1 site (#5 on google) is for the 2004 draft predictions. This is clearly not relevant, and shouldn’t even be anywhere on page 1. The same was true for any […]


Dear Little Caesars.. I would love to order your Pizza Kits and help out my fellow employees kids (ok ok i’d love to just eat your pizza, it’s good.) But please price them consistently. 3 large pizzas, already cooked, in store costs me $15. yet, when I cook them myself, it costs me $17.50 can […]

How To Stop Phishing

Slashdot has an article about how to stop phishing attacks, and it seems that the author is onto something. What if below your Amazon login box it told you the last time you’ve logged in? It’d stop phishing sites dead. They wouldn’t be privy to the real customer information that the legit site has. Of […]

Please Stop Offering the Spam Your Friends Feature

Please, for the love of God, anybody who’s thinking about implementing the next web2.0 or social website, do NOT include a “tell your friend” feature. I’m so tired of getting the “XXX wants to be your friend”, “YYY wants you to join this website”, “here’s that picture i took of you last weekend, but you […]

Low Fat?

Does anybody know if there’s any guidelines one has to follow for calling a product “low fat”? Does it just have to have less than the competitor? Ever wanting to not lose my girlish figure I bought some low-fat pop tarts this morning for breakfast. I thought, cool.. I normally eat 2 regular poptarts and […]

A Flawed Web 20

As Web2.0 continues to evolve, it seems more and more sites are going towards a user created content model. It works great from the webmaster point of view: Simply put up the infastructure and let your users create your content for you, and collect advertising revenue. In fact there seems to be an influx of […]

How To Fix MySpace

With the recent plague of news articles about sexual predators on MySpace it’s easy to place the blame on dirty old men. The growing American anti-personal-responsibility trend makes it even easier to point the finger. I’ll assume we’re all tired of hearing about the 14 year old who met a 19 year old, had sex, […]

Idol Spammers

Ok, Spamming my Free Text Message site with VOTE to the 1-800 numbers on Idol, will only result in annoying me and getting your IP baninated. I needed to remove about 7 or 8 spammers… one person even sent 740 (failed) messages trying to vote for Taylor. (all the spammers were trying to vote for […]

Both contestants win on American Idol

For the first time ever, both Katherine McPhee AND Taylor Hicks have won American Idol. At least that’s what Canada.com says. Note to web developers: It’s ok to pre write your stories, just don’t put them live.

to nitro-nize or not

Belle Tire is running their commercials offering nitrogen in tires. A lot of people are skeptical as to the benefits, so I offer you this: NitroNize Your Tires – FAQ This answers the common questions and even tells you how much you could save on gas mileage. Do the research and decide for yourself.