December 6, 2023

Archives for June 2006

It’s Not Google’s Fault Your Site Isn’t Useful

Update: I wrote this post in 2006, but the advice is still relevant today. Let’s talk about a simple concept that many webmasters and business owners can’t grasp: If your site isn’t showing up in Google it’s probably because it’s not useful. Well ok it may be useful, but not in the way you want […]

My Daughter’s A Tramp, Isn’t It Cute?

A while ago while shopping at Best Buy I couldn’t help but start people watching. One such couple, a mother and daughter, were buying CDs and DVDs in front of me. The mother was a pretty lady, probably in her mid 30’s, wearing a great dress like short black prom dresses online. What I couldn’t […]

Poker players worse than pedophiles?

Which of the following crimes do you consider the worst? child pornography repeat drunk driving dealing drugs stealing someone’s identity playing poker online Actually, it doesn’t matter. Starting tomorrow in the state of Washington, all of these are class C felonies. (ok, so all of them BUT playing poker WERE class C felonies) That’s right.. […]