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Online Business Mistake Number 459

Sometimes, It’s OK to lie For example.. if your company makes fire suppressant products and your factory catches fire and burns down… it’s probably not a good idea to Advertise that fact. If only there were something nearby that could help suppress the fire…

New Parental Responsibility Law

WASHINGTON DC — In a 6-1 decision, the supreme court ruled today that not only game makers, but parents and grandparents as well can be held accountable if their child commits a crime as a result of playing a video game. Recently passed House Bill 2718 states that if anyone under 18 commits a crime […]

Brand Hijacking

In his book Brand Hijack, Alex Wipperfurth defines a brand hijack as “Consumer takover. The consumer’s act of commandeering a brand from the marketing professionals and driving its evolution.” Basically, a brand hijack is every marketer’s wet dream. It’s marketing without marketing. It’s why we still refer to Puffs brand facial tissues as Kleenex, It’s […]

Not So Easy SEO

In the last post I talked about how to choose good keywords for your site in order to have a better chance at showing up in the top of search engines, but what happens when all of your keywords are monsters? What do I mean by “Monster Keywords?” A Monster Keyword is a very broad […]

SEO Keyword Selection Advice

In her latest High Rankings Newsletter, Jill Whalen tackles the following question: We would like to optimise for the conditions she treats such as back pain, insomnia, headaches, etc – about 40 different in all. What is the best way to present this to a search engine without having to write “acupuncture for colds and […]

Flying Through College

Have you guys read about this kid who Graduated College in 1 year? Yeah.. 1 year. It seems that somehow he earned 73 credits in high school, then took a 23 credit hour semester, a 30 some semster, then 1 summer class and graduated from Virginia with a dual degree in math and physics. Amazing […]

Free Internet

Has anyone heard about the plans that Fon has for a $5 Router and free internet access? Their goal is to offer up a bunch of really cheap routers with the condition that everybody who uses them share the wireless on it. The goal is so their users can get wireless access virtually anywhere. The […]

Religious NutJobs

A few days ago, somebody asked me why I didn’t follow any religion. The reason is, because most religions are nuts. Seriously, they don’t make sense. Let me just pull some quotes from today’s news articles. First off if you’re upset that the pope called your religion “spread by the sword,” then the following response […]

Some Random Thoughts

I just have to say that Sept 19th is national talk like a pirate day… so spread the word. Has anybody read about this yet? It seems some belgium news sites are mad at google for sending them traffic. The uproar is about what’s called “deep linking”.. that is, linking to a particular page of […]

How Much Is Your Phone Worth

Just when I thought I was beginning to have a little more faith in humanity, something like This comes along to destroy it all. Apparantley, this lady has been paying $29 every 3 months to rent a rotary phone from the phone company for over 20 years. Sure she’s an idiot, but that’s not the […]