March 23, 2023

Archives for January 2007

Cabin Fever – A Terrible Movie

While flipping through the local cable channels this weekend, Kayla stopped me at a movie called “Cabin Fever” and insisted that I watch it. We’d only missed the first 7 minutes so I said sure, why not? About 25 minutes later, I actually had to get up and leave the room. There were so many […]

Text Link Ads. A Scam?

Update:Patrick Gavin has contacted me and appologized for the misunderstanding. Apparantley I was correct in pointing out that they don’t mention anything about using rel=nofollow on the website, so currently it is not a violation of their TOS. My account is now in good standing with, however I’ve yet to re-instantiate the ads on […]

Fighting Spam – A Better Way

Not too long ago I wrote about what it was like to be a blogger in the early days. The main difference? Scarcity, and spam. Spam just didn’t exist then like it does now. As anybody who runs a blog can tell you, spam is out of control. It wasn’t so bad when I had […]

I Need An Assistant Or Something

By now you’ve probably noticed the links in the side menu, so you probably know that is one of my websites. I’ve been dedicating weekends to working on it and my other sites. Well, I’ve been slacking – bigtime! I usually check the user submitted words every weekend… but I haven’t done so in […]

A robots.txt Guide For Newspaper Publishers

While more and more companies are entering into a paid search battle to get more traffic it seems that newspapers are trying to do just the opposite. This is especially the case in Belgium. First there was the court case that ruled against Google claiming that they couldn’t index a Belgian newspaper. Now, as TechDirt […]

My Comment Policy

Some of you have asked me why their comments didn’t show up right away, so I just want to make a quick update so I have something to point to later. I probably don’t need this, and it’s most likely overkill… but here goes. ALL comments come to me first (that is, if they’re not […]

Wanted: Book Reccomendations and/or Ipod software

I just booked a trip to Texas for the first week of February, and I don’t have any good books to read.  I was hoping you guys could reccomend some good books for me.  I can usually get through 2 smaller books, or 1 decent sized book in the 6 -8 hours of reading involved […]

MySpace Sued By Idiot Mothers

Wired Reports that four families are suing MySpace after their underage daughters met up with men who sexually abused them.  I’m not an advocate of abusing underage (or normal aged) girls, but is MySpace really to blame? In one of the cases, the girl was 14 or 15, and the boy was only 19.  The […]

The $18,000 Domain Name

Having previously worked in fast food management, retail, and marketing I’ve come to have a firm understanding of upselling. Whether it’s suggesting cheese or a combo meal, “complete the triangle”, or reccomending high margin accessories, I’ve done it all. In fact, just last month we were remarking how much money the local Thai place could […]

Making Sure Nobody Takes Care Of Your Problem

Here’s a tip to everybody in the business world:  If you want something to get done, don’t CC anybody on the email. At least 20 times / day I get CCed on an email asking for something to be done, and I’m sure you can guess my gut reaction:  “Mike, Will, or Chris will probably […]