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Should Your Kids Believe In Santa?

Forgive me for going mommy blogger for a minute, but I had an interesting conversation last night with a friend about believing in Santa Claus. It’s a worldly tradition that we blindly pass on from generation to generation without stopping to actually think about it. Spoiler Alert – tell your kids to stop reading now. […]

We’re Overreacting To Google Real Time Spam

Outspoken Media has a great post dealing with Google’s new social search feature where they talk about the possibilities of real time spam and threats to children. The author gives some great examples which serve nicely to fuel the fear mongering – but should we really worry about it? Ted Dziuba once said “The revolution […]

Adwords Account Banned For Keyword Research

There’s been a big uproar on the web lately about Google’s latest sweep in which they appear to have banned thousands of Google Adwords accounts algorithmically. It looks like plenty of people have been complaining about the ban lately. Ordinarily I’d say good riddens to bad rubbish, but it appears that I, too am one […]