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Having 1000 Twitter Followers Doesn’t Make You A Social Media Guru

I keep seeing the same mistake being made over and over: Companies keep choosing their social media department based on how many Twitter followers or Facebook friends they have. It starts when an executive hears of social media and decides that his company needs an offering in that space. The executive soon discovers that nobody […]

The Future Twitter Account

Lot’s of people are busy talking about Twitter’s growth and their journey to profitability. There’s plenty of discussion about new features and lots of questions about business models, but nobody’s talking about what the future Twitter account might look like. I’ve got a few ideas, and they don’t bode well for Twitter’s business model. If […]

The Social Network I Want

If you want to learn how to network as a financial advisor, then you have to start with social networking. I’ve got an account on almost every service you’ve never heard of, and even the ones you have heard of. When a new social media service launches you can bet I’ll have an invite waiting. […]

How I’d Improve Blippy

So I’ve been playing with Blippy over the holiday break and while I find it to be pretty fun, I think it’s missing a few features that can make it really useful. If you haven’t heard of Blippy yet, I’d sum it up by saying it’s Twitter for purchases. Basically, you tell Blippy your Amazon, […]