Archives for February 2010

The Future of Microformats

A few years ago while working with openID and hcard at I wrote a blog post called who supports hcard. In that post I talk about how (just like with openID) everybody wants to be a provider, but nobody wants to accept my hcard when I signup for their service. According to this list […]

SEOs are Blind Twitter Whores

Continuing in the spirit of my post on Why Twitter Bots Are Effective I was doing some prep work for a future presentation and decided to run a few tests. I got to playing around with a twitter adder called HummingBird and wanted to see how many people blindly follow me back. I created a […]

Choosing Good Security Questions

I wrote the following post over a year ago for – but since that blog no longer exists, I want to re-post it here. One of the most common ways to “hack” into somebody’s account actually doesn’t involve hacking at all. The easiest method is simply to learn some information about them and then […]

SEOs Believe Some Crazy Shit

In a fit of boredom the other day I went back and started reading questions posed to Matt Cutts in the latest Google Moderator grab bag. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s basically a forum where Matt takes questions from the community and answers them in videos on YouTube. As I was reading through […]

It’s Not Always About SEO

I’m sure everybody’s familiar with the old adage about all problems being nails if you only carry a hammer. Sadly, that thinking doesn’t just apply to carpentry; it also runs rampant in the SEO industry. Many SEOs become so focused on search that they often ignore the other tenants of marketing – or worse, they […]

Digg Hacked

You’ve probably seen the tweet on twitter claiming “Digg Hacked – Screenshot coming soon” and have been furiously searching Twitter and Digg for “digg hacked” trying to find out what’s going on. Well, you’ve been had by a new marketing campaign. Digg wasn’t hacked. If you look at the source code of Digg, you’ll see […]

It’s About Engagement You Idiot

Last month I talked about why having 1000 twitter followers doesn’t make you a social media guru. I got some great feedback, but one of the questions somebody asked me was “Ok, if it’s not about followers, what is it about?” My reaction was nothing more than a facepalm. It’s not about followers you idiot, […]