June 10, 2023

Flying Through College

Have you guys read about this kid who Graduated College in 1 year? Yeah.. 1 year.

It seems that somehow he earned 73 credits in high school, then took a 23 credit hour semester, a 30 some semster, then 1 summer class and graduated from Virginia with a dual degree in math and physics. Amazing

The kid may be smart, but I think he’s at a big disadvantage. There’s something to say about the quality of your degree when over 1/2 your credits come from freshman level classes.

I took just over 5 years to graduate college and if it were up to me, I’d have stayed longer. There’s just so much one can learn from outside of class that you can’t elsewhere. College is about meeting people, expanding your mind, and making the relationships that will help you once you get your degree. Of course, it’s arguable that this guy was only after a degree anyway.

Oddly enough, he wants to be a patent lawyer… I’ll save my comments on that.

In other news, This study shows that business majors are more likely to cheat in college than other majors. The scary part is, that 56% said they cheated because they believe it’s an acceptable business practice. Keep that in mind when you meet your next young boss fresh out of college.

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