This page is a Test META Description as it Pertains to Rankings.

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If you're more curious to what I'm testing, have a seat let's talk. This page is to test whether or not a page can Rank in Google for unique text contained within the META description field. I've already tested the META keywords section, ALT attributes, Link anchor text, and Title attributes.

So why am I testing this? It has a lot to do with an article by Alan Bleiweiss where he claims that a google insider has said that the META description matters. To many SEO's, this seemed way to easy to spam and we wondered why Google would give it relevance. In fact, I know quite a few SEOs who have in the past recommended clients NOT include a META description on some pages as the Google auto-generated snipper seemed to give them higher click throughs. If it turns out that the META description actually does matter, many SEOs will have to revise their strategy.

Of course, then there's those who haven't bothered to keep up with anything since 1999 - if this holds true then they will have been giving sound advice for all these years anyway. Kudos to those guys!

Anway, I, and Alan invite you to perform your own test and share the results with us. You can find me on twitter at @RyanJones