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January 1, 2005

My take on the console wars – Part 2

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It?s hard to pick between the PlayStation 2 and GameCube without knowing what type of gamer you are. The best advice I can give you is to read this, read reviews of games over at gamespot.com then make up your own mind.

PlayStation 2

At this current point in time, its pretty obvious to see that the PlayStation 2 has the best games. With titles such as Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2, Grand Theft Auto 3 and ICO it is easy to see that they have the upper hand.

A lot of people are quick to point out the PlayStation 2 is technologically inferior to the other two consoles. While this is true, it isn?t that bad. The X-box can push approx 25 million (in game) polygons per second, and the PS2 can do around 10 million. Although this seems a huge difference, keep in mind that the Nintendo 64 could do around 600,000 you will see that the difference isn?t super noticeable. Besides, gameplay is far more important over graphics.

Really the only downfall of the PS2 is that it is not a party system. It has 2 controller ports, and although it is possible to buy peripherals that will extend that, many developers do not bother making their games 4 player. For more online gaming option you should check firework frenzy.

So why do people buy it?
To put it simply, at the moment it has a huge range of game, and by far the biggest quantity of AAA titles.

Why would I buy it?
If you?re into single player games.

My advice?
Look, to most people the PS2 is going to be the console of choice. It isn?t mine ? but I will explain that later. If you play a lot of single player games, then get it. If your going to spend a lot of money of multitudes of games, then get it. At the moment it?s the best console.


The GameCube is the party system. Super Smash Bros. Melee is the best multiplayer game out there, and probably the best fighter. Super Monkey Ball another great multiplayer game, and Wave Race: Blue Storm also is good fun.

Rogue Leader is fantastic, and Pikmin is an good original game, but the problem with GameCube is that apart from the games I?ve just mentioned, there is not much out on the system. It?s known as “the drought”.

A lot of people claim that Nintendo is a kiddy system. While it?s true that for kids, this is the best console, to dismiss it for adults is silly. Nintendo are doing a lot to remedy this situation, and perhaps the 3 most hyped games are all adult orientated, that being Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil and Metroid Prime. And let?s not forget that Final Fantasy is now coming to the GameCube. Also, I could get into a debate about what a ?kiddy? game is, but I?ll leave that alone for now.

So why do people buy it?
People have a lot of faith in Nintendo. They have always made fantastic games, and most people are confident that their coming games (Zelda, Mario, Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness and StarFox) will be AAA, as they always have been in the past. Or maybe, like me, they pretty much only play Multiplayer games. The GameBoy Advance/GameCube connectivity is also a big bonus.

Why would I buy it?
Because you love multiplayer. Or maybe you have confidence that Nintendo will duplicate their past glories. Or maybe you want the cheapest system, with the best controller.

My advice
I personally think that by the end of the year this will be the best system. That being said, I do not know for sure, and it would be an expensive mistake for you to make. Because of Nintendo?s past glories, and because 80% of my games are bought just for multiplayer this is my system of choice. Like I said, it depends on your gaming style.

Stay tuned for part 3 when I look at the future of the consoles, online gaming, the GameBoy Advance and the last final irony.

Cop ya,
Kung Fu

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