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January 1, 2005

My take on the console wars – Part 3

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Okay, this is the last time you will have to listen to me babble on about games, like betend, for at least a while.

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So how will the consoles go?

Everyone always wants to know who will win the console war. The fact is, that only one company is actually trying to win it ? and that company is Sony. Considering how long the PS2 has been on the market, and the fact that Sony is still outselling the GameCube and Xbox by a lot, I?d say that Sony have ?won? this war.

So what are the other two doing if they are not trying to win? Well after the infamous console known as the Nintendo 64, I?d say that Nintendo are trying to restore credibility and respect to their consoles. They are also trying to lose their ?kiddy? image, by doing things such as securing the Resident Evil series and getting exclusive games out such as Eternal Darkness and Metroid Prime. Through the next 4 years, if Nintendo can shed their ?only for kids? tag, and make everyone remember the quality of games on the GameCube the same as we now remember the quality of the games on the Super Nintendo, then Nintendo will be one very happy company.

As the new kid on the block, Microsoft would be aiming to leave an impression as a quality gaming company, build up an initial fan base and attract many third party developers. Yes, I know Microsoft stated that by the end of the Xbox?s lifespan they would want 50% of the gaming industry, but either Microsoft are a pack of idiots or that was just a stunt to add to their hype. I think Microsoft also want to get the Xbox recognised as the online gaming console.

Online gaming

Everyone enjoyed the games of the Nintendo and the Master System, but once the Genesis and the Super Nintendo was released, games were really ironed out and the quality was vastly improved. During the PlayStation and 64 era, 3D gaming because popular, but only this generation has it really been ironed out.

My point is not to expect too much in this generation of online gaming. The PC is already a far superior platform to have online gaming, not to mention that the most popular online genres, Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooter are much better suited to the mouse and keyboard.

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The truth!

The funny thing about all that I have written in this is ? I live in Australia. What this means is that I have never played a Cube, have had one game of Dead or Alive 3 on the Xbox and have never played Final Fantasy X or Metal Gear Solid 2. When I first started writing these I thought that this decreases my credibility, although the more I think about it, its not really that bad. Rather then you guys reading these articles based on one opinion of a gamer, you have read them based on the general consensus of the web. Over my (Australian) summer job I had 8 hours a day to surf the web (and play my GameBoy). Basically I?ve spent a very long time reading over all the games and specs, and I hoped these articles were of interest to you.

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