December 6, 2021

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones currently resides in the Detroit, MI area and works as a manager of search strategy & analytics at SapientNitro where he manages search for fortune 500 companies. Before SapientNitro, Ryan was at Team Detroit & ZAAZ. Ryan has also served as a Sr. manager of product marketing at – a Seattle based startup and spent some time as a software engineer. Since graduating from the University of Michigan with a bachelors degree in computer science, Ryan has held a variety of programming, SEO, and management positions.

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Ryan Jones is fluent in PHP, MySQL, SEO, SEM, usability, social media, internet marketing, and managing web site advertising.

Some of Ryan’s personal projects include(d) (which he recently sold),, TextSendr, and – among many many others.

Ryan has written a book on internet slang (Internet slang dictionary, by Ryan Jones), and has contributed several articles to various magazines and newspapers across the country. He’s been quoted in several news publications and has even made a few appearances as a guest on the nightly news.

Ryan contributes to several SEO websies and has also spoken at several conferences including: SES, SMX, and Pubcon. You can find most of his previous conference slides on Slideshare

When he’s not working Ryan can be found playing hockey, softball, poker, & video games – or out in the woods with a rifle or fishing pole.

When he’s not working on SEO, Ryan is working on revising his plan to take over the world – which would have worked the first time had it not been for those meddling kids and their dog.

Ryan has an online business card located at Ryan M

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