November 29, 2021

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The Cliff Clavin Experiment

Anybody remember that episode of Cheers where Cliff meets his long lost dad? I watched it last night, and I want to run a hypothetical by the readers of this blog. Sort of a, what would you do in this situation. I thought about it last night before falling asleep, and I wasn’t sure what […]

Alcohol Boosts Income

Perhaps the only thing that my intro to psychology teacher taught me wsa that correlation does not equal causation. That is to say, just because too things are related doesn’t mean that one causes the other. In Fact, she hammered it in so well that I even did a Previous Post about health and gambling […]

Speaking of Good Books

Yesterday I talked about books that I think shouldn’t be banned at all. That got me thinking of some of the other good books I’ve read before, and I figured I should list them here. I didn’t just include good books though, I also included short stories and plays that I think are good as […]

451 Degrees Away From Education

Google is celebrating our freedom to read with their addition of Banned Books to Google Book Search. (yet they still haven’t added Internet Slang Dictionary) Take a look at the list though… I remember distinctly reading over half of these books in high school and college. To Kill a MockingBird is still one of my […]

One Button to Rule Them All

Wait, stop. What’s that on the right? Yes.. dotCULT now has an RSS Feed!! That’s what I’m writing about with this update. It’s a great time to tell you about something new. My Newest site: (See the button on the right) I got tired of seeing sites with a ton of little “add this […]

Deleting Online Predators

In an attempt to protect children from internet predators, the house of representatives passed the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) last month by a vote of 410-15. While many representatives will surely use this bill a stepping stone to the upcoming elections, it’s unlikely that the bill will actually protect children from online predators. The […]

Facebook Privacy Confusion

I don’t understand what all the Hype About Facebook is all about. (If you haven’t figured out what’s going on… click one of those links) So let me get this straight. If I post a picture of me hitting the bong in my underwear and talk about my sexual exploits on the internet for all […]

WordPress Captchas

We’ve all grown to be familiar with (yet greatly resent) the litte “type the letters in this box” features when commenting on blogs. They’re called Captchas and they’re designed to be sort of a Turing Test; something that humans can easily do but computers can’t. Their real goal is to cut down on automated programs […]

Dear Scott Adams

Dear Scott Adams, You sir, are an insensitive asshole. No, seriously. Not only that, you’re a coward as far as the blogging community goes. Ask anybody, you never pull a post after it creates controversy. It’s just not what bloggers do. Now, on to your comments: Readers of the Dilbert Blog know that I believe […]

Just Treat Us As We Treat You

I just got back from vacation to find the terrible news that Steve Iwrin (the crocodile hunter) has passed away. While the cynical side of me wants to say it was bound to happen eventually, it’s always sad to see a real talent pass. Let’s face it, there wouldn’t have been an animal planet television […]