September 26, 2023

Penguins Don’t Have To Be Scary – My SMX Toronto Recap

If you missed the Big Google Kitchen Sink Panel at SMX Toronto featuring yours truly, @duraninci , @kdobell , and @aaranged you’re partially in luck – because I’m going to recap my part of the presentation here. That’s right, I’m liveblogging myself (3 days later.) If you’ve read any SEO blogs lately you’ve suddenly become […]

New Job, New Slides, and Other Updates

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately (here or on SEJ for that matter) because I’ve been extremely busy. In the last 90 days I’ve spent a week at SES San Diego, SMX West in San Jose, and another week in Atlanta for my actual job. Speaking of my actual job, starting this month I’m […]

Racism and Class Discrimination are Different

You can always tell it’s election season by the number of racism and discrimination lawsuits that start popping up in the news. It also serves as a good reminder about classism (that’s a word right?) and racism. The debate usually centers around the same 2 key issues with only the location of the debate changing. […]

Analytics Are Everywhere

Have you ever looked at something and then asked “why?” Have you ever wondered “why did somebody make that decision?” I find myself doing it all time time, increasingly I’m asking myself “I wonder what type of metrics they looked at when making that decision.” While walking down the Vegas strip Pubcon with some friends […]

How To 301 Redirect A Website

How do I 301 Redirect my website? I get asked this question more often than I should, so instead of constantly answering it I’ve decided to create a blog post I can point people to. But first, let’s start off with some background. Why Would I Want To Redirect A Page? There’s several valid reasons […]

Over Thinking SEO: Inverse Document Frequency

If you came to pubcon this week you probably noticed some very odd questions being asked at some sessions. My favorite question was when somebody asked @mattcutts for a better method of doing doorway pages. yeah, seriously! My 2nd favorite question though was also Matt’s fault. At the end of one of Alan K’necht’s sessions […]

Liveblogging Pubcon: SEO hot trends

Going to take a stab at live blogging some sessions here. Moreso so that i can try out coveritlive. Liveblog Pubcon

What Percent Of Visitors Are Logged In To Google?

There’s been a lot of panic lately from webmasters about Google’s recent announcement that they’re going to be defaulting logged in searchers to secure search. Metrics and SEO gurus instantly realized that this change would mean a loss of refer data from search – specifically what keyword the visitor used. Despite what Google’s real erasons […]

Sustainable SEO

Good SEOs get hit by algorithm changes. Great SEOs see their traffic increase. If I’ve learned one thing in my years as an SEO it’s that success comes not from chasing algorithms but from chasing visitors. Last month I asked my team what came to mind when they thought of sustainable SEO. I got a […]

When Search People Take Over

I can’t wait until search minded people take over the business world. I’m not talking about SEOs, but people who truly understand the value of search marketing at and how search is just the tip of the iceberg. The paradigm is shifting. It started with search but will evolve to every form of business. […]