December 6, 2023

Archives for April 2008

I’m Finally a Level 70.

My alter ego, Xeido, is now officially a level 70 night elf druid in the World of Warcraft. That’s the highest level obtainable right now. It took me 20 days of playing time over the past many months, but last night at around 1am, I finally “dinged” that last time. With that said, I can […]

Making Baseball More Interesting

I’m a baseball fan. I love watching the Tigers (even all through the late 80’s and 90’s when they sucked) and I will watch no matter what. But that’s me. There’s a lot of people who think the game is boring – and I can see where they’re coming from. The freakonomics blog has a […]

How NOT to email customers

A while a go a family member sent me a link to her pictures on prestige portraits – a pretty well known photo company here that probably does 90% of area high school senior pictures and such. Anyway, they have a feature that lets you email your comps to friends and family so that they […]

TextBunch: Group Text Messaging Made Simple

I’m happy to announce that I just launched another site today. It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time now, but couldn’t really decide on a name for. The new site is called It’s “group messaging made simple.” If you’ve ever been on a softball team, bowling league, or even had a […]

Do You List Your Cell On Your Business Card?

How many people out there list their cell phone on their business card? It’s something I’ve always done, but am starting to see less and less of. As a fan of this practice, I only list my cell on my current business card. In fact, I’ve often refused to have a company line opting instead […]

Can I Bid on Trademarked Terms? Yes!

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this question on the internet. I was unable to find a decent website that deals with bidding on trademarked terms on Google adwords and it’s pretty well hidden in their TOS, so here goes. Oh yeah. Now’s also a good time to say that everything on […]

Couple Doesn’t Understand Privacy, Sues Google Anyway.

According to The Smoking Gun, yet another couple is suing Google for showing images of their house on the Google Streetview. For those unfamiliar, StreetView is where Google drives trucks down the streets and takes pictures of everything. While it has provided us with some pretty amusing images, it’s hardly a violation of privacy. See, […]

Network Solutions Advertising On Clients Websites

Slashdot reported something interesting today. Basically, some neat language in the Network Solutions TOS. It says: “You also agree that any domain name directory, sub-directory, file name or path (e.g.) that does not resolve to an active web page on your Web site being hosted by Network Solutions, may be used by Network Solutions to […]

A (literally) UnTapped Market

Quick. You want to put in a sprinkler system in your yard. Who do you call? I’ve been asking that question for a while now. There doesn’t seem to be a major company that does this. Sears, Home Depot, and Lowes don’t seem to offer the service, and they won’t recommend any good companies. Looking […]

A Note On The Tigers

The Tigers (arguably one of the best teams in the league on paper) have lost 6 straight. Everybody panic right? No, not really. At the game the other day, I couldn’t help but notice all the boos anytime the team was losing. Lately, it’s been every walk, every allowed hit, and every error. It’s disgusting […]