Network Solutions Advertising On Clients Websites

Slashdot reported something interesting today. Basically, some neat language in the Network Solutions TOS.

It says:

“You also agree that any domain name directory, sub-directory, file name or path (e.g.) that does not resolve to an active web page on your Web site being hosted by Network Solutions, may be used by Network Solutions to place a “parking” page, “under construction” page, or other temporary page that may include promotions and advertisements for, and links to, Network Solutions’ Web site…'”

Basically, whenever somebody follows a broken link or goes to a 404 page, Network Solutions will put up a page with ads instead. This is underhanded and shady, and I hope that they at least leave the URL in the address bar of the browser.

It’s similar to what Comcast and WOW (and probably other cable providers) are doing by redirecting all 404 traffic to their own ad filled page. This practice annoys me on 2 levels. First there’s the ads, and then they replaced what I typed so I can’t see if I spelled it wrong and have to re-type the whole thing over again.

I’m not one for regulation of the internet, but when all of my provider choices seem to be doing the same unfair practice, what other option is left?

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