September 26, 2023

Archives for August 2009

Identity Theft Is a Lie

Part of me always cringes when I read stories or hear reports about identity theft. Sure I worked at a company whose goal was to try and help consumers protect their identity, but that’s not why I cringe. I cringe because I’ve always had a problem with the term “identity theft.” It seems like an […]

Unlock Franchise Mode In Madden 2010 Wii

If you’re like me and bought Madden 2010 for the Wii, you probably anxiously fired it up only to be severely disappointed when you weren’t able to find your beloved franchise mode. It’s not there! But don’t panic – franchise mode is there, but it’s hidden. When looking for other fun games to try, go […]

Black Hat SEO Facts

I always laugh when I hear SEOs talk about so called “black hat” techniques. It’s amazing what some people consider “black hat” and “spammy” and what others consider “white hat” and perfectly fine. When it comes down to it there are tons of black hat type tricks out there, but they’re not the ones you’re […]

The Wii Play Marketing Mistake

I was talking with Brett the other day about marketing and web analytics and we got to the topic of correlation and causation among data and trends. Any web analyst can tell you that the data always tells a story. The good analysts can tell you whether or not that story makes sense, or if […]

How The Stimulus Works

I can’t take credit for the following, as it came my way through a chain email. I’ve tried searching for it on the web, but can’t find an original author. All the results I can find reference finding it through email or from a reader. Anyway, it’s a good description of how the government today […]