June 10, 2023

Unlock Franchise Mode In Madden 2010 Wii

If you’re like me and bought Madden 2010 for the Wii, you probably anxiously fired it up only to be severely disappointed when you weren’t able to find your beloved franchise mode. It’s not there! But don’t panic – franchise mode is there, but it’s hidden. When looking for other fun games to try, go to the next link and play the new aloha christmas slot game.

To unlock franchise mode, you have to go to the extras option and enter the cheat code: TEAMPLAYER

After that, you’ll see the franchise mode back where it belongs – on the menu.

I’m not sure why EA decided that Wii fans only like mini games (perhaps it has to do with the Wii play marketing mistake but either way it was a bad decision. It’s just going to turn Wii fans away from the Madden franchise.

Hopefully, one day the video game companies will learn that we care more about game play than how the graphics look. Hopefully that day comes soon.

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  1. Thank you so much for this, I am looking forward to going home and using this code. Boy was I angry at EA over this past weekend.

  2. Wonderful!!! Thank you for the information … I was so mad last night!!!

  3. I wanted to thank you for this and your correct with the game play features, it’s not the graphics, they are all decent in that aspect now with todays technology.

  4. Thanks! I was about to return this piece of crap madden game.. but now i’ll try this out. It seems like they gutted the best parts of the madden franchise.. made the players oddly deformed and put the madden stamp on it. What a piece of crap.. i hope franchise mode isn’t a let down.

  5. Thanks I was so mad when turned it on and seen no franchise mode, I really got mad when all that bwas on it was mini games!!
    U are right about turning wii fans away from Madden, I almost gave mine away cuz it just didn’t seem very fun. THANKS ALOT

    Do U know anything about the Superstar mode?