Archives for February 2011

Paid Links For SEO

It’s been an exciting week concerning paid links and SEO. Last weekend the NY Times broke the story about JC Penney selling links and how Google responded with a ban. Today, securing high-quality ‘do-follow’ links is no easy task. However, it stands to reason that things will be difficult because every company is trying to […]

Gaming Google Suggest

Was playing with Google Instant / Google Suggest today and couldn’t help but get my mind spinning. Imagine the following hypothetical scenario: [Scenario removed because it was pointed out to me that yes, this WOULD be a good way to spam Google, and yes it WOULD work. So in an effort to be a good […]

SEO Columbus

When I was leaving work today I caught a glimpse of a blog post about a trademark on the keyword “SEO Columbus.” Basically, some SEO in Columbus who went by the name SEO Columbus had sent a few threatening emails to some other SEO in the Columbus area who used the same word on his […]