December 6, 2023

Gaming Google Suggest

Was playing with Google Instant / Google Suggest today and couldn’t help but get my mind spinning.

Imagine the following hypothetical scenario:

[Scenario removed because it was pointed out to me that yes, this WOULD be a good way to spam Google, and yes it WOULD work. So in an effort to be a good netizen and not help propagate more spam, I took it down.]

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  1. I was at a talk by Bill Hunt a while back who suggested it definitely could be done, and for obscure queries it could be triggered by as few as 80-100 unique queries…so I tried to game this to have “Nick Roshon is awesome” be suggested when you start to type “Nick Roshon”

    I tried spamming via a Proxy, but I never was able to get it to show up. At first I did ~100 queries back to back, then I wondered if maybe that was too suspicious so I spread them out with just a few per day, but still no luck.

    Regardless, I think its possible, but I was never able to accomplish it. Your strategy sounds more promising than anything I tried, and I’m definitely interested to hear the results….keep us posted.