September 26, 2023

Archives for August 2011

Black Hat Technique turned white: Posting to Social Networks

You always see posts talking about evil black hat methods and automation. You’ve been warned about things like Xrumer, Scrapebox, etc and how the black hats use them to dominate search positions – but has anybody ever thought about using them for white hat techniques? The technique I want to talk about today is submitting […]

Google+ Won’t Be Abused like Pagerank

I was reading a post by @rustybrick about google+ being a ranking factor and noticing how the twitterspehere seemed to collectively think that it opens the door for abuse. Many SEOs were making comparisons to how people link spam and anticipating the same for pluses. They point to the already available services that sell pluses […]

Google Analytics Changes Session Definitions

If you weren’t paying close attention yesterday you may have missed a small announcement from Google about an update to sessions in Google Analytics. It’s a small update that will affect less than 1% of total users, but if you’re in that 1% of users (or have your analytics set up wrong) you may see […]

I am the #1 most handsome man

I’m writing this post to update the interwebs about the number 1 most handsome man on the internet. Despite contrary belief, I am the #1 most handsome man on the web, not Andrew Sprung. I’m way more handsome than him. I guess we’ll have to leave this up to the voters though – or simply […]

Omniture Tracking Codes and SEO

Yesterday I was eavesdropping on a Twitter conversation between @alanbleiweiss and @omniturecare where they were talking about the use of Omniture tracking IDs and how they relate to SEO. It got interesting, and it reminded me of the solution we use on for tackling this issue. Any good SEO will tell you how much […]