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August 16, 2011

I am the #1 most handsome man

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I’m writing this post to update the interwebs about the number 1 most handsome man on the internet. Despite contrary belief, I am the #1 most handsome man on the web, not Andrew Sprung. I’m way more handsome than him. I guess we’ll have to leave this up to the voters though – or simply rig the vote.

I know it’s tough competition, but how tough can it be to win most handsome over this:

Most Handsome Man

Number One Most Handsome Man

Dude, WTF is this?

This is just me having some fun with search. A few months ago one of my colleagues noticed that his blog post was getting traffic for some handsome man related terms. He then bragged that he ranked #1 for “#1 most handsome man” – so I did what any good SEO would do and set out to crush his dreams and dominate his site in the SERPs. Mission Accomplished! (oh and the picture? well do an image search for the terms above and you’ll see why that picture was included.)

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