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March 10, 2009

4 More Conversion Secrets

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I just finished reading a blog post about trust building graphics and how they can increase conversion. While I wish it would have given some hard statistics about conversion rates for the various graphics, I do understand how hard those numbers can be to generate.

I’m still curious whether Mcaffee secure, Verisign, or PayPal converts better. I’d love to set up some PPC campaigns to landing pages and only alter the graphics to see what works, but I really don’t have the budget to do that. If anybody else can, let me know and I’ll design the experiment for you based around your product. You may ask a pay per click management agency Cardiff to know more about PPC.

The post hits on some great points, but I believe it leaves out a few other “images” and visual techniques that can greatly increase conversion rates. If I learned anything working for an auto loan company in the past, I learned all types of little tricks to increase conversions. Here’s some of the most successful ones I’ve tried:

1. The color green. Seriously. Green means go. Green is an aphrodisiac. Green signifies life, renewal, nature, and health. Green is calming and easy on the eyes. Most importantly for the marketer though, green means money. Try it out.

2. A Login Box. I didn’t think this would work when we first tried it, but then I saw double digit increases in conversion percentages. The mere presence of a login box on a web page can make a consumer feel more comfortable and secure. Even if there’s nothing for them to login and do, the feeling of being able to check on or fix things if there was a problem can be consoling. It’s a bit shady and unethical to put up a login box that doesn’t work just to increase conversions, and I wouldn’t recommend it – but login boxes DO build consumer confidence.

3. SSL Certificates. The reason phishing still works is because many internet users think that the little lock icon means everything is safe and secure and nothing bad can happen to them. They’ll give their Paypal password to paypal.russianhookers.com as long as it’s got a little lock icon in the status bar – and they’ll be more inclined to give their credit card number to your shopping cart too.

4. Testimonials. I know I know, when you think of testimonials you instantly think of Meliissa Pierce of Tampa Florida and how she seems to think every product out there is INCREDIBLE! We all know that most testimonials are pure garbage, but for some reason they still work. It probably has more to do with the uplifting positive attitude they convey and less to do with actual believability, but they still work. So go ahead and generate some of your own and see what kind of effect they have on your sales. Of course, it’d be better to actually have a product that’s so good that users actually send you real ones. You should aim for that. You can invest in software to get these kinds of testimonials and customer retention. If you’re wondering how your business can achieve customer retention, then you may consider visiting sites like https://delighted.com/blog/improving-customer-retention-strategies to know more on this.

Bonus 5th Tip: Google Checkout. I did a previous test with some past clients, and we found that by using the Google Checkout icon in our adwords ads, we were able to greatly increase ad clicks while also significantly increasing conversion rates. If you don’t already accept Google Checkout as a payment method, you should strongly consider it.

Again, if you’re interested in trying any A/B testing on your campaigns please drop me a line. I’d love to hear your results. What other conversion tricks have worked for you in the past?

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