May 29, 2023

5 day shipping MEANS 5 day shipping

I recently ordered something online. Seeing as how I don’t need it until next month, I selected the basic shipping methods (yes, it’s a Christmas present, so no rush right?)

Anyway, I was going through email backlog and got the alert that it had shipped (about 2 days ago). Out of curiousity I clicked the helpful gmail “track this package” link and was taken to Fedex tracking.

I was first shocked that my package came from Tennesee to Detroit, then went to Indianapolis for a day before coming back to Detroit. Why that was required I’m not sure, but at least it got to travel for a while.

It said that it arrived back in Detroit again at 6:00 am and at 7:30am it was “out for delivery.” Cool that was fast (especially since it got here, left, and came back)

Only problem is, I didn’t get the package. I fired up gmail again and headed over to Fedex. At 12:48 pm it had a status of “at local facility” again. The details said “package not due for delivery” and the estimated date changed to the 12th.

So let me get this straight. It was on the truck headed to my house at noon when the driver got here and said “oh he doesn’t need it yet” and drove it back to the Fedex office to be delivered on Monday.

Why on earth would that happen? I guess when your shipping estimate is 5 days, they really mean 5 days!

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