June 10, 2023

A Great Example of Geurilla Marketing

A lot can be said for finding new and innovative ways to market one’s product. A lot more can be said for finding a way to get national coverage of one’s product for free while still shedding positive light on the company. That’s exactly what the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co just did.

The company decided to donate 4000 talking Jesus dolls to the Toys for Tots charity. Of course, being a govt entitity, the marines weren’t allowed to accept the relgious toys. The genius part though, is that this made the national news.

So not only does the company get to look great for trying to donate, but thousands of christians are now screaming “I want a talking jesus doll… I didn’t know they existed.” It’s brilliant!

On a side note… Christmas is a christian holiday, so what’s wrong with having christ themed toys. Don’t tell me that they’re giving christmas presents to Muslims and Jews. I don’t really have perspective here being raised christian myself, but wouldn’t that be offensive?

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