May 29, 2023

Alcohol Boosts Income

Perhaps the only thing that my intro to psychology teacher taught me wsa that correlation does not equal causation. That is to say, just because too things are related doesn’t mean that one causes the other. In Fact, she hammered it in so well that I even did a Previous Post about health and gambling correlates.

A good example of this is the Flying Spaghetti Monster graphic of number of pirates vs global temperatures.

That’s why this story claiming that Alcohol use helps boost income needs to be taken with a grain of salt and some lime.

While it may be true that those who drink more earn more, it’s probably not that they earn more because they drink. What’s most likely happening here is that people who earn more have more disposable income to spend at places like bars.

What do you think is the proper relationship here? That people who drink more are better employees and make more money… or that people who make more money spend more of it at bars?

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