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January 1, 2005

An idea about friends

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What are friends for do you think? To make you feel happy, to fill the void of not having a member of the opposite sex love you, to steal the girl that you have loved for months, to steal all your CD?s and play mind games with you saying they never took them in the first place? I think friends are there to make you feel happy, the more you have the happier you are. Popularity is such a confidence booster. Confidence leads to happiness, and happiness leads to being able to enjoy life.

Think about it; the only reason we want to live is to make ourselves happy. You?re not happy, you don?t want to live. A reason why you might not be happy? No friends; no one to bitch your problems too. No matter how much you think you want to make someone else happy (possibly by doing something that might disadvantage you), it always comes back to you?re doing it because it will benefit you somewhere later in life. Note I know this is probably only in my mind and maybe I am actually the only selfish person in the world, but hey this is what discussion is for, tell me if you think this is total bs.

I feel I have quite a few friends. I suppose they are there for me when I feel down, which is like always, but I don?t ever seem to tell them how I?m truly feeling, and as much as I forever need help and advice from other people I never ask or tell anyone. Why? I?m trying to figure it out. Maybe I feel I don?t believe I can trust them. But I can think of at least 3 people I?m positive I can trust. I think the main reason is that I?m embarrassed. It?s annoying too, seeming that I have great respect for any of my friends that come to me with a problem that has them really worried, yet I feel if I approach one of my friends with a problem of mine they?ll lose some respect for me. And I?m a person that cannot stand the idea that maybe someone is thinking anything remotely bad about me. Confidence I believe that would relate to.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. What do you think of people that aren?t really your ?close friends?? People that you practically just ?use? to help you through a tough time, to bitch about your life and all your love problems? People like this are sometimes not very close to you, e.g. you only talk to them on the internet or on phone, you never go anywhere with each other in person. They are normally very good at handling all of your life?s problems, hence that?s normally the only reason you talk to them. Would you call this using someone? The idea of always talking to someone to get desperately needed help about one of your problems can be brought back to the idea that friends are only there for your own personal happiness. Well let?s just say this idea is true, nothing deters the fact that these types of friends are gems (yes it rhymes, no I didn?t plan on it to).

Think about it, all anyone ever wants is for someone to listen to them. Everyone has a story to tell. But who ever wants to listen to someone else? Lots of people I?m sure, but wouldn?t you much rather be discussing your own problems? After all, your own happiness is all that matters in life, right? These special friends you can have seem to be happy to listen to you rant and bitch about your problems, and even throw in a few solutions here and there too, no extra charge. Having someone that you know will listen to you is a great feeling. They?re the people you can trust, don?t ever lose them. I know I?ve lost a few, I know I want them back, in fact I need them back. So here?s some advice from your friendly 16 year old teenager; don?t lose people you know you can trust, they?re hard to come by.

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