May 29, 2023

Another Coverup

Today’s Coverup story Brought to you courtesy of Texas.

Here’s the story:

Local lawmen in remote west Texas came face to face with ten armed men wearing what appeared to be Mexican army camouflage uniforms who came to the aid of one of three suspected drug dealers’ vehicles when it became stuck in the riverbank of the Rio Grande, law enforcement officials said today.

Basically.. Car full of drugs gets stuck in Texas. Drivers run back to Mexico. Mexican army truck with mounted .50 caliber machine gun comes driving up (IN TEXAS), takes the drugs, and lights the car on fire… then drives BACK to Mexcio.

Is it just me, or does anybody else see a BIG problem with this?

We’re willing to probe every orifice of an 80 yr old muslim grandmother who arrives via airplane, but we won’t stop a drug-stuffed humvee with a mounted machine gun at the Mexican border?

It’s time we start holding somebody accountable.

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