June 10, 2023

Australian Politics

Since our audience is mostly Americans, most of you probably don?t have any idea how the Australian government works, or what is going on at the moment. Basically, our Prime Minister similar to your president. The only person who can sack our Prime Minister is the Governor General, and the only person who can sack the Governor General is the Prime Minister.

So here is the current situation. The Governor General covered up a big statutory rape/sexual abuse case between a 40-ish year old head priest of Brisbane (capital city of Queensland, State) and his 15 (at most) year old girlfriend. Everyone wants him to resign, but he won?t, and the Prime Minister won?t sack him. Why?

Rewind a few months to the Australian elections. The Prime Minister had a very tough stance on refugees, at there was some boats in our waters full of them. So what happened? The Prime Minister relayed information and photos that showed the refugees throwing their children off the boat. The public were outraged, surely we did not want people in our country that would do such an act.

And now the truth comes to light. Their old wooden boat was actually sinking, and the refugees were actually trying to save their children. We then saw the actual photos, as opposed to certain sections of it that we saw during the elections. Yes, the camera was zoomed right out and there was the boat sinking, and the navy trying to rescue them.

So the Prime Minister lied to us to win an election (I?m not that surprised) and the only man who can fire him has shown the world he condones sexual abuse and is hoping the aforementioned Prime Minister doesn?t fire him.

I say bring back Bob. Bob Hawke, Australias favorite Prime Minister, who when he was PM he also managed to get the Australian record for drinking a yard glass. Bob 4 Life.

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