June 8, 2023

City of ChesaThief

Just when you think you’re doing an act of goodwill, the city of Chesapeake turns around and spits in your face. At least, that’s what happened recently when a Massachusets based software company finally handed the chesapeake.com domain name over to the city of Chesapeake – after 10 years of being bugged about it.

That’s right, the city of Chesapeake bugged this software company for 10 years to give them the domain for free… 10 years! Eventually the software company gave in and donated the name to the city.

So what did the city do with this generous gift? Why they sold it for $120,000, that’s what they did. And people wonder why more people don’t donate things. Here’s your answer.

The city of Chesapeake should be ashamed of themselves. At the very least, they should donate the $120,000 to the software company that donated them the domain. There’s a difference between being given a gift, and pestering somebody until they finally give in.

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