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January 1, 2005

Dear DTE Energy

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Please stop calling my phone.

I never wanted to give you a phone number, but you wouldn’t turn on my lights without one.

You woke me up at 7:am today to have a recording tell me I can pay a constant bill every month by signing up for your new service.

I don’t want to pay a constant bill. I want to pay exactly what I owe, no more no less.

You then called me at 4pm to let me know that you have a “direct payment” option that ties right into my checking account.

Couldn’t you have just tucked this information into my monthly bill so I can promptly throw it out? Did you really need to wake me up at 7am, AND bother me during a meeting at work?

I tried calling back, but it was busy.

Also, this “gas prices are rising due to lost profits” thing… let me explain something to you.

If I say “I want to 500 million in sales this year” and end up only hitting 300 million, that extra 200 million is NOT a loss. (RIAA pay attention)

Projected shortcomings do not qualify as a “loss”. They may be a failed opportunity and imply business problems, but they’re not a loss.

If my operating costs are 400 million, and I only make 300 million, that’s a loss!

According to your latest figures, you’re still making more money than you pay out in operating costs. That means you’re in the black. Sure, the profits aren’t as big as you would have liked, but it’s NOT a loss.

Raising rates due to this “phantom” loss makes no sense at all. What if other companies followed your ideas?

“Dear consumer – We sold xboxes this year at a low price of $149 expecting consumers to buy an average of 7 games, since you only bought 2 games this year, we need to charge you $200 to make up for our loss”

“Dear sir, when I diagnosed you with cancer I expected that it would be life threatening and that you’d be recieving treatments from me for the next few years. Now that your cancer is in remission, I need to make up for my losses, so your son’s school physical will be billed at $25,000 this year. Thank You.”

Get with the picture DTE. If you didn’t own a monopoly on the energy market, you’d have been out of business a long time ago.

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