May 29, 2023

Everybody love Raymond

I have finally figured out what bothers me about the American show ?Everybody Loves Raymond?. For those of us who don?t watch it, basically Raymond is a full time sports writer, while Debra is unemployed. Raymond never helps out with the house work, as Frank (his father) never did when he was working and Marie (his mother) was at home.

The fact that he never helps out around the house is seen as quite ridiculous. The show seems to create some sort of mood where you think that Raymond is so lucky to have Debra to do all those things for him, because he is practically useless.

But I think that is nonsense. She should cook, clean and pick the kids up from school. He works. He makes the money, from 9-5 (and frequently later) while she stays at home all day. Why should they share the housework? If Debra worked as well, then sure, they should both be cooking and cleaning but the fact is that he works and she is a housewife.

Its her job to cook and clean. This was once mentioned by Frank to Marie and was seen as one of the most shocking things ever said by him. Which is utter crap, because it is her job. Debra should quit complaining that Raymond never does anything around the house and do what she?s supposed to do.

Oh, and if anyone sees this as sexist you?re wrong. Because there is no reason why the roles couldn?t be revered… actually nothing would make me happier then marrying a professional woman and getting to stay home to do the chores.

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