June 10, 2023

Facebook Privacy Confusion

I don’t understand what all the Hype About Facebook is all about. (If you haven’t figured out what’s going on… click one of those links)

So let me get this straight. If I post a picture of me hitting the bong in my underwear and talk about my sexual exploits on the internet for all my friends to see, that’s ok. But alert them immediately and say “hey, Ryan posted some new shit”, and that’s bad? How is that a privacy concern? It doesn’t make any sense

RSS is a good thing, not a bad thing. If you don’t want people to know what you post the second you post it, don’t post it.

It’s not a privacy issue if you posted it to the internet for everybody to see. Kids, you need to understand this: order generic Lyrica online If you can even think of 1 person now or in the future that you don’t want to see something, don’t post it to the internet anywhere.

If anything, this facebook “mishap” alerted these people to the sensitivity of the material they’re posting online. That’s a good thing.

note: I know I talk about RSS being good and dotCULT doesn’t yet have RSS… don’t worry it’s coming. I haven’t coded a backend yet. I’m still doing these posts directly into the database via SQLyog.

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