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January 1, 2005

Greenpeace Blues

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The human ego has no limits. Passing a group of protesting Greenpeacers on my way to formation, I wondered just how meaningless their fight is. Their theory goes along the lines of ‘Protecting the environment, preventing humans from destroying the earth’, etc, etc. How dare we think that we could possibly have such an impact on this planet? This rock, which has been in existance for a couple billion years now, has seen countless evolutionary cycles, ours perhaps being one of the more advanced. This planet has survived eons of being bombarded by meteors, platonic shifts, natural disasters that only appear in our worse nightmares. How dare we assume that we, a species that has been in existance a mere 200k years or so, could possibly have so significant an impact as to destroy this planet?

At the base level, probably even without realizing it, Greenpeacers and the like aren’t questing to save the planet. They merely want to preserve our species. Even if we manage to completely eradicate the ozone layer, use up every natural resource, and destroy all other speicies in our quest to stay alive…the planet will remain. Earth will still have the prime conditions for forming life. The planet’s cycle will merely restart again with the lowest forms of life. And who’s to say this hasn’t happened before? We even assume that we’re the first creatures of our kind, that we’re the first of a cycle.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to protect the environment. It’s only natural in trying to save your own skin. But at least realize the futility, and recognize that humans cannot exist forever. It’s simply against our nature. We are nothing more than a small part of the cycle, too afraid of being stepped on to admit our insignifigance. But being the inferior forms that we are, will we ever be brave enough to admit to this?

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