May 29, 2023

Hey it was Halloween

Wow, Halloween was a few days ago. I barely noticed. I was invited to play hockey on tuesday, and since I got new skates I couldn’t pass up a chance to break them in. Man do my feet hurt!

Anyway, I returned home from hockey at 8pm to see that every neighbor on my street’s porchlight was out. In fact only 1 group of kids came to my door, and it was after I turned the light out and while I was in the bathroom – so no candy for them.

I’m going to see Roger Clyne and the PeaceMakers tonight at the Magic Bag. I’ve never even heard of that place, but I hear it’s really small. If you like southern rock you should check them out. They’re sorta like cracker meets matchbox20 meets gin blossoms and all go to mexico for the weekend. If you remember the refreshments, this is the lead singer’s new band.

Anyway.. I’ll post something with some real content tomorrow.

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