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January 1, 2005

How To Stop Phishing

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buy gabapentin online overnight Slashdot has an article about how to stop phishing attacks, and it seems that the author is onto something.

What if below your Amazon login box it told you the last time you’ve logged in?

It’d stop phishing sites dead. They wouldn’t be privy to the real customer information that the legit site has.

Of course, slashdot readers got TOO technical and figured this would have to be done as a browser extension or what not, but it’s not that complicated.

Just set a cookie. Sure it won’t work for users who delete their cookies, but it WILL work for the majority of users; the same ones who fall for phishing scams.

Listen up future web2.0 companies. Don’t show me the standard login form, customize it for me! It’ll add personalization, value, and stop phishing.

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