Just Treat Us As We Treat You

I just got back from vacation to find the terrible news that Steve Iwrin (the crocodile hunter) has passed away. While the cynical side of me wants to say it was bound to happen eventually, it’s always sad to see a real talent pass.

Let’s face it, there wouldn’t have been an animal planet television network if it wasn’t for Steve. He turned millions of people on to once boring nature shows, and for that he’ll never be forgotten. It’s not what you take, it’s what you leave behind you when you go…. Steve left an interest and desire for knowledge in the hearts millions of viewers.

On a lighter side, (or scarier side depending how you look at it) President Bush recently issued the following statement: “My message to the world is this: Just treat us as we treat you…”

George, in case you haven’t realized, this is a bad idea. America’s general attitute toward the world is “we don’t care about you, agree with us or we’ll make your life a living hell.” Your “eye for an eye” idea is a good one, but not if you’ve made it your life’s mission to go around poking people in the eye.

I just picked up a CD of The Himalayans and it’s pretty damn awesome. It’s the band that Adam Duritz was in prior to Counting Crows, and the original authors of “round here”. If you like that type of music, please pick up their CD.

Also, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are coming to the Magic Bag in November. If you wanna go, let me know. Tickets are $12. (they’re the band formerly known as the refreshments (everybody knows the world is full of stupid people…) and also did the King of the Hill theme song). ok, that’s enough for now. Happy Labor Day, and RIP Steve.

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