June 8, 2023

NoSlang Book Released

I’m still working on the dotCULT backend re-design. Until then, I bet you didn’t know I wrote a book did you?

Chiniot The NoSlang.com Internet Slang Dictionary is now available in book form! The new book is 172 pages long, includes over 2,000 terms, tips for parents, tips for teens, and more information about slang! This book is a Must have for all parents or teachers.

For a limited time, the book is availble for the discounted price of only $9.54. It’s going to sell for over $10 on Amazon.com in a couple weeks, so get yours today before the price goes up.

Order Your Copy Here
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Here’s what other people are saying about the book:

As an Internet author and expert, I knkow a lot about the Internet. However, as an adult and parent, most INternet slang has PMB (passed me by). In a simple manner, this authoritative guide has leveled the playing field for all parents and adults. I suggest placing this book by the computer. Now your kids will know that you know what they’re saying.” — Ken Leebow. Author of 300 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet

I bought this book and boy was I amazed of how much I learned about internet slang. I would watch my 13 year old use AOL IM and I had no clue what she was saying. With this book I can now monitor her activity and she doesn’t even know it. A must have if you have children using instant messengers.
— Review posted on LuLu.com

“The Internet Slang Dictionary is a must have for parents with kids online, never again be in the dark about a term or phrase you don’t understand.” -Rich creator of TheParentsEdge.com

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