Erdek June 8, 2023

Over-Reactions on a motherfreaking plane

If you don’t regularly read Wired magazine, they have a Great Article about all the over reactions to terrorism and how we need to refuse to be terrorized.

Contrary to what people believe, a terrorist’s goal isn’t to kill us. Their main goal is to change our lives; and frankly we’re letting them do that. Terrorists account for .00008% of all deaths in our country. Statistically polish grandmothers have killed more people since 9-11 than terrorists have, but you don’t see people going crazy about shutting down bingo night at the local church. (please don’t take offense, I’m polish that’s why I used it)

In the past few months we’ve grounded airplanes for the following reasons:

  • A man in a leather jacket was speaking arabic and looking at his watch
  • A woman had a bottle of water and a bar of soap
  • Passengers weren’t wearing their seatbelts
  • People were playing with their cell phones
  • The bathroom door was locked
  • Somebody burnt the toast

Hell, we even closed a school recently because little Michael Morrissey brought in a Burrito. (::insert “explosive” toilet humor here::)

Does this sound stupid to anybody else? Am I the only one who thinks our fears aren’t justified?

It’s time to stop acting irrational out of fear and get on living our own lives. We need to stop acting like that old cartoon housewife who goes crazy and stands on the table everytime she sees a mouse. You know, the one who will throw a lamp or break her entire kitchen trying to kill it… that’s what we’re doing with our freedoms, our rights, and our way of life. We’re throwing it away in an attempt to feel safe.

But safe from what? Terrorists, or just a Man with a Penis Pump?

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