September 26, 2023

Patent Time

Here’s some great patent ideas that nobody has yet to claim:

1.) The process of patenting / trademarking obvious things, then using the patent for financial gain.

2.) The process of creating legislation to protect pre-1990’s business models from failing due to the company’s refusal to adapt to current technologies. (RIAA, MPAA, SONY, Disney, publishers etc would owe a TON of royalties)

3.) Commiting a crime soley to write a book / sell the movie rights afterwards.

4.) Selling A get rich quick book that consists of merely telling the customer to start selling get rich quick books.

5.) Selling products that don’t exist hoping that ther person will wait too long to report it to Ebay / Amazon to get their money back.

Seems like this is where the real money is these days.

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