June 10, 2023


I’ve been reading 2 great books lately. The one I just finished was Mitch Album’s Tuesdays with Morrie in which Mitch re-visits an old professor of his who is dying of ALS.

The 2nd is “the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime”.. It’s written from the point of view of a 15 year old autistic child who doesn’t quite understand emotion, but is brilliant with math.. anyway his neighbor’s dog is murdered and he goes about trying to solve the mystery. It’s very insightful. Read it.

I started reading books again because I’m tired of reading the news. It makes me sick. People are so Stupid, and I can’t take it any longer.

If I read one more example of people trying to blame their problems on others, I’m going to scream. A great example is the whole negative backlash against Payday Loans. Yes, they are a high interest rate loan, but that’s only because of the math formula.

People get freaked out about the percieved interest rate when it’s really a case of “If I give you $100 today, you owe me $105 next week”.. That’s a really high interest rate, but it’s practical.

This is why you pay them off on time… It’s just like your credit card.. if you let it build up it’s not Visa’s fault, it’s yours.

Another one in the news today is the mandatory high school graduation tests. Parents are suing to make these illegal as well. I say if after 4 years at a school, you can’t pass a test that 90% of other students can.. you don’t deserve a high school diploma. Just showing up isn’t good enough, you have to take some knowledge away with you.

It’s for reasons like this that China is going to become the world’s new superpower. Their people may be repressed, but at least they’re not idiots.

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