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April 6, 2006

Rebel Yell

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What’s your take on the Rebel flag?

The omnipresent symbol of the souther uprising dons flags, jeeps, sports uniforms, tattoos, and more david alan coe, hank williams junior, and jamey johnson songs than I can count; but is it racist?

I know it’s a taboo in this country (or europe) to fly a Nazi flag outside one’s house, but what about a rebel flag?

To some people I’m guessing it is. (I had a cousin who flew a pirate flag for a week before one of his neighbors replaced it with the stars and stripes)

American textbooks tend to imply that the civil war was only about racism, but in reality there was so much more too it.

To many southerners, the rebel flag is a symbol of their heritage. It reminds them of the hard work, honest pay, philosophy of life. Roots are important.

What do you think? Is flying the rebel flag ok?

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