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January 1, 2005

See Saw

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Albertville If you haven?t yet seen it, go see Saw, the movie. In fact if you want to see the movie without paying, just go to SawMovie.com. Their flash trailer more than spoils the whole movie for you, it shows you about 70% of the scenes in a nice interactive flash. If you click the right things, it?ll take you through the movie in order. If you make the wrong clicks, you only get to see bits and pieces.

Anyway, if you?re planning on seeing it in the theatre and don?t want me to spoil the first 10 or 15 minutes for you, stop reading now.

You awake, the room is dark, and you?re chained to something by your leg. It stinks something awful, and you think you?re lying in a tub. As you get out of the tub the water starts draining, and you start screaming for help. Soon you realize you?re not alone in the bathroom. A voice starts talking, and eventually he finds the light switch.

There?s 3 of you in the room. 2 of you are chained by your legs to pipes. The 3rd is lying on in a big pool of blood on the floor with a gun in one hand, a tape recorder in the other, a hole in his head. The room is old and torn down, probably in an abandoned warehouse, except the clock on the wall is brand new. There?s some old walls, a toilet, a tub, a mirror on the ceiling, and some small rocks on the floor.

You find a tape in your pocket, and so does the other guy. You can?t reach the guy in the room, or his gun, but you manage to use your shirt and the stopper from the tub to get the tape recorder and play your tape. Push play.

It appears you?re part of a sick game. The other chained man has been instructed that he has about 4 or 5 hours to kill you, or he and his family will be killed. If he doesn?t kill you, you will be left there to rot. Only problem is, he can?t reach you or the guy in the middle with the gun. What do you do?

The movie takes you backwards in time, and eventually explains the whole story of the people involved before it really gets interesting. I can only compare this movie to ?seven? but much more interesting and full of many more twists.

While it?s not too scary there are a few parts that will just make you cringe. This is an excellent, well thought out movie, and I can?t wait for the sequel. It?ll get you thinking and talking; something that?s well worth the $7.50 at the show.

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