June 10, 2023

The Future of Privacy

I was reading This Article and I realized that we as Americans just need to stop, forget about 9-11 and think back to the year 2000.

Got it? Remember it? Good. Now what do we want in the future? What type of world do we want to live in?

If I told you about a country in 2000 (before the sept 11 world trade center attacks) where the government monitored your phone calls, your internet access, your search history and library books, allowed people to go to jail without being charged, tortured prisoners of war, and started wars…

You’d be like “OMG, I’d hate to live there.” Right?

Well guess what, now you live there… and it’s only going to get worse in the future.

It’s serious America. Your dog died, you got over it. 9-11 happened, get over it. It’s time to move on and quit mourning. Lets decide what kind of country we want to live in.. I know nobody wanted this 6 years ago… why does 9-11 make it so much more different?

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