May 29, 2023

Txt Spk OK in NZ

Usng Txt Spk on Exms in NZ iz 2 b ok nw dat da NZ QA sd dat stdnts cn uz txt spk on x-ams as lng as itz rdable. Da NZQA stil sez 2 uze prpr Nglsh but dat stdnts wont B mrkd dwn as lng as da answr clrly shws da prpr undrstndg o da mtrl.

“I thnk txt msgng iz 1 o do mst exctng thngs dat hs hpnd n a lng tm.” sd Denis Pyat, addng dat he wld not encrg stdnts to uz txt spk or abbrv on xms.

da dcsn of crse dsn’t aply 2 tsts whr punct & grmmr R Bn Grd. Notr tchr, Steven Route sed dat “stdnts nd 2 b able 2 wrt & undrstd prp eng,” ntng dat shakespeare ddnt say “2b o nt 2b.”


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