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January 1, 2005


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War makes people afraid. When people are afraid they are easier to control. The key to keeping people under control is to perpetuate fear.

War helps the economy by driving the manufacture of extra military products and encouraging people to spend more.

War is humanity at its most primal and tribal state.

War makes politicians look good.

War is the extreme of separatist thinking.

War makes people feel safe in their fear. War makes people think that good is being done.

War is the destruction of people and property, in the name of political, social, religious and conceptual endeavors.

War is horrible and gray.

War drives hatred.

War considers murder and torture an “expenditure”.

War makes people lose family members and friends.

War is hell.

War leaves agonizing and unforgettable impressions that haunt those who serve in it until the end of their lives.

War manipulates the perceptions of people through the use of propaganda.

War unlocks the potential in some people to sodomize children with their guns, kill innocent people at point plank range and rape civilians.

War allows children to be napalmed.

War allows the unthinkable to be justified.

War protects the borders of countries, but aggravates the disturbance of peaceful relations amongst all countries.

War encourages those who question it to be punished as heretics.

War makes societies lose rationality or common sense.

War is a male driven, testosterone release.

War uses the young as its pawns.

War directors never understand the full implications and horrors of what they instruct.

War is divisive.

War allows people to be surrounded by the bodies, blood and guts of their friends and predecessors, invoking direct terror into them.

War is the sound of crackling bones as a soldier steps out of a watching tower onto a dead body.

War is the excruciatingly sharp pain of having a bullet go through the inside of your stomach.

War is the rupturing and burning of your insides as you inhale agent orange.

War is the pungent stench of genocide and mass graves.

War is lunacy.

War is terror.

War allows people to become prisoners of war, fighting with a bloodhound for a stale bun.

War allows people to be locked in cages that hang from trees with 20 other people, all smeared in feces and urine, sharing diseases and starving from malnutrition.

War is hatred.

War is death.

War is pain.

War is suffering.

Fuck War.

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