Sanok June 10, 2023

A Dangerous Cult

Hehe, search Google for Dangerous Cult and the first result is the homepage of Scientology. In this case, I sort of agree with the Googlebomb.

On that same search, you’ll also see a list of dangerous cult warning signs. For a fun exercise, see how many apply to your religion! About Ryan Jones

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  1. For a fun exercise, see how many apply to Scientology!

  2. hey, you’re on the front page of google for “dangerous cult” now too haha

    and yeah. I’m not an anon, but I fail to see how the US government can turn a blind eye to such a destructive and dangerous cult who exploit people in need for their own selfish benefit. good luck anons, hope feb 10th is a success. Scientology really needs to go down.

  3. Heh, Yeah this blog has that effect – getting good rankings for whatever I rant about. I’m not complaining though 🙂

  4. I think scientology is dangerous. See my info on my website about it.

  5. The danger of a cult is like the danger of people you know. You are more likely to be killed by someone you know than a stranger. You control who you know. So the danger of a cult is only from what cult you decide to belong to. Most decide to just belong to the cult of misery. lemonade diet

  6. Aww, it looks as if this no longer works anymore.

  7. On that same search, you’ll also see a list of dangerous cult warning signs.

    The signs are valid of all religions including all flavours of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, any religion for that matter.
    All religions are cults. Some are more and some are less accepted.

  8. It’s hypocrisy to claim one cult is more cultish than the ones you already got used to. Frankly, these folks must be jokers. 🙂

  9. Check AltaVista, it still works there.

    To bypass filters, Anonymous need to construct a phrase from words that actually exists on the homepage like “Dangerous Religion”, “Dangerous Philosophy”, “Dangerous Logos”, “Dangerous Discovers”, “Dangerous Experience”, “Dangerous Awareness”, “Dangerous States”, “Dangerous Fundamental”, “Fundamental Faith”, “Fundamental Belief”, “Trouble Freedom”, “Trouble Integrity”, “Trouble Honesty”, etc.

  10. Keep up the good work Anon! I My cousin is trapped in the bowels of the dangerous cult!

  11. Anonymous Is Legion
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.

  12. Anonymous says

    AEL- While it’s true that all religions are cults, think of ONE religion that throws you into a Soviet-style labor camp for expressing religious dissent. Think of ONE religion that forces you to disconnect from your family and friends. Think of ONE religion that takes you under their care, only to have you turn up dead two weeks later covered in bedsores and bug bites, malnourished.

    Scientology does that to ya.