May 29, 2023

A New Piercing

Thanks to my cat not wanting to take her flea medicine, I now have a new piercing: in my finger.

Her two fangs actually touched inside my finger.

I think she hit a nerve or something, because I still can’t use the finger.

Here’s a picture:

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  1. Yikes, I bet that hurt!
    Anyway, I came across your site while trying to find the lady I bought my bengal from. Sounds like we got our cats from the same person (except mine has never bit me). I hope you are as happy with Whodey (she is very pretty BTW) as I am with my bengal.

    Do you ever hear from Lynn, other than from when she posted a comment? I know she moved, but I have no contact information. Let me know if you have an email address for her or something.

    Hope your finger feels better soon.