A Simple Mathcha

If you’ve ever visted the home of my text messaging sites, freetext.biz you may have noticed it has a contact form. Lately, I’ve been getting about 100 messages / day on the contact form. The problem with that though, is that only 1-2 of them are from actual humans. The rest are from spam bots sending me URLs.

I’m not sure why a spam bot would want to send me a URL in my email, but that’s their perogative.

Anyway.. you’ll notice now that I added a simple math captcha to the form. Here’s what it looks like:

mathcha form

Why did I choose a mathcha instead of the standard image? It’s because I think that images are sometimes hard to read, and usually annoy visitors. Don’t believe me? Check out this ticketmaster example:

bad ticketmaster captcha

(note: captcha is an acronym for completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart… mathcha is a made up word that really means math captcha)

If you want to do something similiar, here’s how you can do it in just about 10 lines of code:

on your form page:

on your form handler:

There ya go. That's a 30 second mathcha. Feel free to use it however you want. I know it's really simple stuff, but let me know if it actually helps anybody.

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  1. Tsk HG, that’s some horrible (X)HTML you’re spitting out there!

    Don’t you know you’re a role model to the kids nowadays?

  2. XHTML? what’s that? hehehe

    It’s all about the 4.01 transitional baby!